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About Me

I’m Lisa Hansen.

I’ve been a designer for over 25 years. My first multimedia project was a slide-tape presentation in 1992. Still some of my best work, I think. I used a Mac to create a title graphic that I then took a film photo of, had developed into a slide, then inserted into the slide carousel. The project was kept by my professor as a great example of cutting edge use of technology.

I’ve done a little bit since then. I wrote HTML in unix, using a pico text editor. I almost finished a PhD. I worked for a lot of different companies, some of which you probably recognize. I have a kid, best person on earth. I have met a ton of amazing people and worked on a countless number of terrible, grinding, challenging, amazing, rewarding projects. I’ve held the titles of professor, project manager, business analyst, information architect, usability analyst, web designer, product designer, UX architect, requirements analyst, design manager, design director, head of design, product owner, and mom.