New UPN Programs

 New UPN Programs

Some suggested new programming for the United Paramount Network, based on their only current success, Star Trek: Voyager.


Class of 2396 (1hr, Drama): This soap-drama tracks the lives of 6 young cadets as they enter Starfleet Academy. Watch them struggle with classes, instructors, and each other as they try to come to grips with growing up in Starfleet.

Mad about Hugh (1/2hr, Comedy): Hugh's married and he loves it! Meet the missus and follow the trials of love Borg style!

The Neutral Zone (1hr, Paranormal Adventure): This shadowy area of space has more mysteries than answers. Each episode chronicles the terror and thrills of ships and their crews as they attempt to cross "The Neutral Zone."

Real Stories of the Border Patrol (1hr, Real Life): Ride along with the sector patrol ships as they avert interstellar war at every turn- a classic show of attack and retreat, photon torpedos and old-fashioned "street smarts." Exciting non-stop action. Initial episodes include Cardassian, Romulan, and Klingon encounters. Who gets it this week?

MOVIE OF THE WEEK: The Wackiest Ship in StarFleet (2hrs, Comedy, **): This may be the most ill-equipped ship in the Federation - where did they get these guys? Captain Jig, First Officer Ducko and Vulcan Second Officer Bob will steal your hearts as the bewildered leaders of the "wackiest" ship in Starfleet!

Dr. Q (1hr, British): Q and his team time-hop through the universe leaving mayhem in their wake! Where will they turn up this week? [Hint: the Gamma Quadrant will never be the same!]

As the Galaxy Turns (1hr, Daytime Soap): Follow the loves and heartaches of your favorite intergalactic beings. Will Four of Seven find love in the Borg collective? Will Glighak subjugate the mysterious Klingon male drifter? Tune in tommorrow!

Wheel of Gold Pressed Latinum (1/2hr, Game Show): Earn hundreds of bars of your favorite currency by guessing word games! Pull out your book of famous phrases - from 3,700 major galactic languages!

Designing Romulans (1/2hr, Comedy): Tune in to the adventures of four wacky Romulan women, determined to redecorate the dreary caves and alleys of Romulus. Their stinging barbs on everything from Romulan fashion to Klingon facial ridges will have you ROTFL!

The Bajoran Bunch (1/2hr, Comedy): This family will make you one of their own as they battle the Cardassians, explore the Gamma Quadrant, and worship the Orbs. Too many kids?! Nahh- the more hands on phasers, the more dead Cardassians. Lessons and love for the entire family.

Gilligan's Class M Planet (1/2 hr, Comedy): Laugh at the misadventures of this hapless bunch as they try to get off of this backwater planet. Gilligan's navigational skills should have had him court-martialed: instead, he's got six castaways to torture with his bumbling activities. Big fun!

Away Team (1hr, Action-Adventure): Follow the exploits of the away team from Starfleet's most militant starship as they shoot their way to intergalactic harmony!

The Top Twenty Sub-Space Harmonics (1hr, Music): See your favorite new tunes as they appear in 3-D form on this twitchin' video hour! Catch the latest Klingon opera - you don't have to have a ridge in your head to appreciate this art! Also included are the latest in Talarian industrial sound, Vulcan classical harp, and Tamarian rap. This week's hot new shot is a wild one from the Ferengi heavy metal scene.

The Frugal Replicator (1 hour, How-To): Watch your favorite replicated recipes done by the Federation's most frugal chef! If you thought replicator food was cheap before you see this show, you'll be amazed at how inventive our chef can be!

Masterpiece Holodeck (1 hour, Drama): See your favorite classic plays and productions done in the lush surroundings of Starfleet holodecks. This week: "The Taming of the Shrew" starring the dancing doctor Beverly Crusher, in a rare non-medical appearance.

This Old Starbase (1 hour, How-To): Starbase 472 was to be torn down before our crew asked to renovate. See how Klimrak Vila solves the problems of intimate spaces and breakfast nooks, combined with the utility of com-panels and turbolifts. A must-see for amateur fixer-uppers!

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Last updated 4 December 1998
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